Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want to plan something and need help.............

I want to plan an event........................... a country marketplace at my property.  Can anyone out there help me organize some information or give me advice?  I have 2.5 acres, cute outbuildings, could set up a cool event I think.  I have a driveway on both sides, so I think parking would be fine, I could put the horse in the front yard, chickens could stay in their coops all day, I think I can do this!  Anyone out there have any good advice or experience you can lend? 

Those guys at Barn House do it every year and they make it look so awesomely fun, if that is a word.  I know I have attended a few in the past with my candles and prim stuff, want to do this myself.  I would get the kids involved serving food, so we could gain that market ourselves.  Tell me, tell me, would ya? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My creative flow is just a flowin'.  This past weekend my daughter came to visit and had two feather lock extensions in her hair.  I thought "hey, wait a minute, I can do that'!  And guess what, I am doing just that!  Pics to follow soon, the camera batteries just took a poop!  I am getting my soy candle making back in full swing too!  So wait for the pics and prices, call the cell to order at 919-909-8180 or email me personally for more information!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Geese, my beautiful white Sebastopol

My gander.
Is he not magnificent.  I have loved this breed as long as I can remember, these geese are so sweet, they do not have a mean bone in their body.  When I tell people I have geese, they say "oh, they are so mean", well no, they are not.  Not all breeds of geese are aggressive and mean.  I raised mine from goslings, they follow me wherever I go.  They follow the hubby too!  They protect the flock of chickens, they do a great job! 
Coming this spring I hope to have up to 50 eggs, I will incubate some to sell goslings and sell hatching eggs most of the time.  Contact me as soon as possible to get your name on the waiting list.  This is a sought after breed.  First come, first served. 
Hatching eggs will be $35.00 each
Goslings $50.00 each unsexed

Java Chickens all accounted for!!

From Deborah Brown of High Ground Farm:  These chicks are black, white, or mottle Java. As you know, this is a very rare breed. I encourage you to read more about them on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy website. And get involved with the organization, as they are working to try to bring the Java back in numbers. These Java are out of the Garfield Museum Java Flock, which collaborated with the Museum of Agriculture and Industry in 2002. The parents of these chicks are the best of my flock of 60 Java hens.

Back in May of this year I received chicks as part of an ongoing Java Project.  Unfortunately due to a family illness in Deborah's immediate family I was given the opportunity to purchase the 10 "chosen birds" out of her flock and I jumped on it!  My flock now consists of 23 Java hens and roosters, namely, 4 white hens, 1 mottled hen, 3 black roosters, and all the rest are black hens.  Exceptional quality birds.  I will be incubating all eggs that come from the flock as soon as I get my first egg.  There will be an adjustment period for the flock that came over as adults and the younger ones have a little bit longer to go.  So I am hoping for a mild winter to get some egg production going!  This chickens are excellent foragers, great for a small homestead/farmstead.  Exceptional disposition.  Big nice heavy birds, beautiful feathering, magnificent specimens. 

I will be joining several organizations associated with the conservancy and breed.
I am so excited to have these birds and feel so compelled to bring back the breed, I cannot say enough how beautiful these specimens are and I hope to be one part of this vital fight to bring back the Java Chicken.  I will be posting more information as I find it.  New websites to follow regarding Agricultural General Store of North Carolina, etc.  So stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I won! I finally won something!

Today I woke up to find an email update from one of my favorite blogs........Tales from the Coop Keeper, she had a giveway for some of her homegrown honey, guess what?  I won!!!  Yeah, Jayme will be mailing me a little pint of her homegrown gold.  I feel so blessed!  I am also picking up my new flock of Java's today. Another dear blogger friend has found out her son has cancer, so sad, but she needs to get rid of the chickens and I jumped on it!  Java's are such wonderful chickens.  Their feather coloring is just amazing.  They come in black, white or mottled, I will have some of each color now!  Next spring I will be selling chicks, hatching eggs and plenty of yummy eating eggs.  Today is a good day.  I thank the Lord for all my blessings, no matter how small!  Life is amazing, it is what you make of it.  On this journey of life, I find such peace in the simple things.  I think that is what God has been showing me, I am paying attention Lord!

Friday, September 16, 2011

How I feel about being me and other unveiling thoughts for Friday

I have been feeling the need all day to tell the important people in my life how much I love them.  So here it goes.........

You know it, I feel it, you got it! 
Now spread it!
Happy Friday ya'll!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So much goin' on..........

With grandma's cancer and me getting so much done in our financial goal planning, I have not posted since August 18th, wow, so sorry.  Sometimes I just get so caught up in the living that I forget to breathe and release.  So what have I gotten done lately you ask?  Well, just take a look at this list;
1.  IRS settlement
2. Child support paid off
3.  House plans picked out
4. 529 college savings plan set up for little man
5.  401k set up for Gary
6.  LLC and tax ID set up
7.  Went through magazines that I have been saving forever, and cut out and pasted in dream journal
8.  Got my couponing going again
9.  Got another car finally, paid cash, nothing special, but gets me from point A to B
10.  Got my NC drivers license, after a full year, geeezzzzzzzzzzzz
11.  Making plans to start refinishing some furniture pieces
12. Registered for college starting in Spring 2012, YEPPERS, gonna finally finish!!!
13. Going to take an excel class, maybe a furniture painting class as well, but that one is a biggie, $995

Still to do;
1.  Clean out barn to set up workshop
2.  Clean out second barn for heritage Java flock coming in from a dear friend who just found out her son has leukemia, doing lots of praying for him!
3.  Set up a cute coop for the girls and their guy, think they will love it!  Debbie spoiled them, I will carry it on!
4.  Gonna start getting serious about setting up shop! 
5.  Setting up a website

So, as you see, I have been a busy girl, our financial outlook looks amazing, we have ZERO debt, and I mean ZERO!  Only our monthly living bills, electric, rent, cable, internet, food, insurance, gasoline, etc.  Things are going our way, and we know who to be thankful to, thank you Lord for all your blessings.  Our children are healthy, and hopefully soon I will have some good news about Lauren, (secret until then), hee again soon, promise!